Allison Kluger


Allison Kluger is a four-time Emmy-nominated Producer with over 25 years of experience in broadcast media and entertainment, from network television to new media platforms including electronic retail, interactive television, and digital media. She is also a freelance writer and media consultant. Her superpower is being an innovative content creator and media coach across all platforms.
Presently Allison is a Lecturer at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business in four courses: Reputation Management, Strategic Communication, and two classes she created: Personal Branding (which she teaches with Tyra Banks) and Strategic Pivoting for Your Next Chapter (Alex Rodriguez guest speaker). She also teaches the electives: Executive Presence for Women and Media Training.

Allison is the recipient of the Dorothy J. King Lecturer in Leadership for 2017-2018. She is an advisor for many of her graduate students’ new ventures, she mentors young women and men in leadership, communication tactics, and personal branding and gives lectures and keynote speeches all over the world. In her spare time, she is a voracious reader, is writing a book, officiates weddings, and raises her two boys and Australian Shepard with her husband.

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