Brent Koskosky


Brent is a seasoned leader in the autism service industry with more than 10 years of experience in building and scaling ABA businesses. Currently, he is Director of Discovery and leading the Healthcare division at Simple Fractal. In this role, Brent applies his expertise in ABA and consulting in Healthcare and Education to design customer-centric automation solutions. He is well-versed in Robotic Process Automation and primarily works with ABA providers of all sizes to deliver customized solutions that enhance operational efficiency, accuracy, employee satisfaction, and generate positive ROI.

Most recently Brent served as Director of Strategic Initiatives at Learn Behavioral, where he spearheaded large-scale, enterprise-wide initiatives to improve employee retention, enhance client experience, and facilitate facility growth and development.

Additionally, Brent’s leadership played a pivotal role in the transformation of Total Spectrum, a Midwest-based ABA provider, from a start-up to thriving multi-site, multi-state operation. Leveraging his extensive knowledge of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), billing, insurance, and technology Brent ensured Total Spectrum’s rapid growth remained controlled and the organization remained lean and client focused. As a result, the organization garnered the attention of several investors and ultimately became part of Learn Behavioral.

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