Devin Morrissey


Devin Morrissey is an Autistic powerhouse who has been able to live his own life by his standards and rules. His Autism diagnosis at the age of 3 was only the beginning of many chapters and milestones waiting to be written.

Devin was born and raised in Danville, California, located 30 minutes east outside of San Francisco. He moved to Los Angeles in 2012 straight out of high school to purse his Bachelor’s Degree at Whittier College. After graduating from college 4 years later in 2016, Devin decided to mark another milestone by receiving his Master’s Degree from University of Southern California in 2021. He is now working in Employee Relations at an EdTech firm in Los Angeles.

Having a passion for inspiring other Autistic individuals to be successful on their own terms, Devin launched his blog, Autistic Super Power, in 2017. He talks about everything Autism related, from his early beginnings learning how to communicate through music, to promoting DE&I for all Autistic adults in the workplace and in life. Devin has never shied away from sharing his life experiences growing up on the Autism spectrum and continues to stress the importance of pushing the envelope of what society considers possible, as well as staying true to being the best authentic version of oneself.

Devin has also worked alongside several businesses and organizations, such as Joey Travolta’s Inclusion Films, DaniMation Entertainment, and Autism Alliance SoCal.

Devin is thrilled to be a part of the “LOTS US Cast on Hearing Autistic Voices” panel and is excited to share his experience of being a supporting cast member on Netflix’s 3-Time Emmy award winning show, “Love On The Spectrum US”.

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