Dr. Adam Hahs


Prior to joining Hopebridge, Dr. Hahs was the former Director of the MSABA Program in the Department of Psychology at Arizona State University and was the President of the Arizona Association for Behavior Analysis (AZABA). He earned a Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale where his research and clinical foci were language generativity, complex human behavior, and clinical behavior analysis with individuals with autism spectrum disorder, traumatic brain injuries, and addiction.

Dr. Hahs’ clinical expertise lies in language assessment and development via the Promoting Emergence of Advanced Knowledge (PEAK) Relational Training System, Relational Frame Theory, and Acceptance and Commitment Training for individuals and within organizational contexts. Dedicating over 10 years to supporting and training others in a variety of settings via behavior analytic methods, Dr. Hahs views behavior analysis as a science capable of facilitating widespread societal change.