Dr. Ronit Molko


Dr. Ronit Molko is a leading behavioral health expert and pioneer in the field of autism treatment and awareness, channeling her passion for the subject into roles as a serial entrepreneur, thought leader, and published author—in addition to holding multiple non-profit and for-profit board roles.

Drawing upon three decades as a psychologist, clinician, and consultant—as well as executive leadership skills attained as the Founder and CEO of Autism Spectrum Therapies (acquired by Learn It Systems)—Dr. Molko has a uniquely multi-faceted understanding of the behavioral healthcare landscape and a passion for helping those interested in the field to better understand the pathway ahead.

As an advisor to investors, service providers, clinical organizations, and communities, she is able to provide cutting-edge insights into the rapidly expanding field of behavioral healthcare, advising clients on understanding current trends and best practices, navigating complex care intersections, designing innovative solutions, and identifying/pursuing intelligent behavioral health investment opportunities.

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