Erica Floyd-Thomas

SpecialityBureau Chief of Medicaid Policy, Florida Agency for Health Care Administration

Erica Floyd Thomas has 19 years of experience serving the State of Florida through her employment at the Agency for Health Care Administration. Erica specializes in health care policy development, research and analysis, and is responsible for the overall strategic planning, administration, and management of the Bureau of Medicaid Policy. She oversees the Agency’s preferred drug list, medical, behavioral, dental, hospital, facilities, and clinic coverage policies, and directs the expansion, maintenance, and approval of all federal authorities required to operate the Florida Medicaid program. Erica is an influential presence in the workplace and the health care field. Her ability to lead and motivate staff, as well as her strategic planning and program implementation experience, have allowed her to successfully work alongside executive leadership and government officials in the continued advancement and progression of Florida Medicaid in order to achieve Better Health Care for ALL Floridians.

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