Holli Beth Clauser


Holli Beth Clauser is a highly respected figure in the world of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, with diverse experiences and skills that have made her a well-known voice in the industry. Holli Beth has held positions such as Vice President of Operations, Clinical Trainer, RBT, Lead Recruiter, and Talent Acquisition Manager. Before opening her company, she recognized critical gaps in employee relations, retention, recruitment strategies, human resources, and workplace wellness. She created Behavioral Talent Consulting: a retention-focused consulting firm that bridges the needs of individuals with the demands of businesses by creating relatable, repeatable, and people-centric solutions that go beyond traditional recruiting consulting. Holli Beth is also a passionate autistic advocate and is open about being on the autism spectrum herself. She brings a unique perspective to her work and is committed to improving the quality of shared care provided to individuals with autism and other neurological disorders.

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