Kelly Bermingham


Kelly has been working in the field of Autism & Developmental Disabilities for 27 years. She has been a BCBA since 2003. Kelly is a published author, having written a book, “Social Skills Solutions: A Hands-on Manual”, She is an ESDM Certified Therapist and a PEERS Certified Therapist.

Kelly has written several blogs for Autism Speaks. She has published papers on oral health and autism, most recently published in the Journal of Pediatrics. She currently serve as the Senior Vice President at Peoples Care Behavioral Health, Redwood Family Care Network. Previously she was volunteer faculty at UCI’s Autism Center and was an Adjunct Professor at Chapman University where she co-created the post-master’s ABA curriculum. She currently is on the board of several organizations including the CalABA stakeholder committee, The September 26th project, Code the Spectrum and KindandSafe schools anti-bullying program.

Kelly helped found a school for middle school & high school children on the Autism Spectrum: New Vista School and a sports league for children with autism: Spirit League. Kelly was on the Autism Spectrum Task force Created by Senator Correa when it existed in 2004-2006. She currently the co-leader of the Profound autism SIG and Caregiver collaboration SIG with CASP and was an Expert Subject Matter on CASP’s recent Organizational Guidelines