Michael Cairnes


Mike is foremost a father of a son with autism, and therefore, is highly passionate about JoyBridge Kids. He has a proven track record of building and executing visionary strategies across multiple sectors.

Prior to JoyBridge Kids, Mike was CEO of Kirkand’s, and before that, President at Michaels, Inc. In addition, Mike is Chairman of the Board for BrightStone, a
non-profit organization for adults with special needs – there he and the team engineered a new expansive center and residential program. He is also on the Board of Directors for Special Olympics of TN where he facilitated their future strategy.

Helping children with autism is not just a passion for him, it’s personal. He strives to create an experience for your child that he’d want for his own. And while doing so, create an inclusive and special environment that honors and develops the clinicians to heights that are beyond imaginable.

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