Subodh Garg


Subodh Garg is an Indian-American living in Southern California. He was diagnosed with autism around 3 years old, and although he’s seen his fair share of challenges, nothing has stopped him from pursuing his dreams of gaining independence, finding love, and leading a fulfilling life. He was featured as a cast member on the Emmy-winning docuseries “Love on the Spectrum U.S.” on Netflix. Fans of the show look to Subodh as a beacon of hope and acceptance in the Autism community.

Subodh graduated with his high school diploma and went on to attend community college. From there he attended the UCLA Pathways program and continues to pursue education at Santa Monica College. He is expected to complete his certification in Data Entry and Computer Information Systems in Fall 2023.

He has held several jobs over the years and currently works for both Katella Deli as a data entry clerk and with his parents at their Auditing firm, Insight Examination Services Inc. He is highly skilled with computers and data entry, with a typing speed of over 90 WPM with perfect accuracy. Subodh is a Best Buddies Ambassador and has spent time volunteering with the VA Hospital in Westwood, Keen LA, the Ronald Reagan Medical Center at UCLA, among others.

Subodh has done his fair share of traveling and always has his eyes set on the next place he wants to go. He enjoys exploring diverse cultures and meeting people from all walks of life. He loves to snorkel, swim with dolphins, watch baseball, and spend time with family and friends. He’s currently single and ready to mingle.

Subodh has never seen his autism as an obstacle to overcome and has found ways to make it his own.

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