Yagnesh Vadgama


Yagnesh Vadgama has been with Magellan for over 4 years, in managed care for 5 years, and was a clinician in the field of Behavior Analysis for 11 years prior. Yagnesh has over 16 years experience in ABA, starting off by working directly with individuals on the autism spectrum to directing programs in homes, schools, and community based settings. Currently, as the Vice President of Autism for Magellan, Yagnesh oversees both the autism and ABA product for Magellan nationally. His team of BCBAs and licensed clinicians provide a unique experience in ABA UM as they all have similar experience to Yagnesh with real-world experience. Yagnesh also engages in the decision making process for ABA both at Magellan and nationally, with participation in workgroups such as ICHOM, speaking at conferences and universities, and developing outcomes measures for the field of ABA.